Fidel & Sarah Anne

Full Bio

Rustic, intimate and quirky, Fidel & Sarah Anne ripen popular songs in vintage oak. Hand in hand, they blend old-time banjo, ukulele, guitar (and the occasional explosion of trumpet enthusiasm) with lovingly crafted melodies.

Fidel's steadfast, dynamic guitar reverberates under his powerful and expressive voice, with just a hint of swagger. Sarah Anne is the sweet flower of the duo, her intricate ukulele, beautiful banjo style and sultry voice lift the duo into peachy perfection. The finishing notes are dusty Americana, candlelit swing, barefoot twang and time-worn indie, neatly presented around a single microphone.

PA Details

1 x condenser mic + 2 powered speakers suitable for 100 guests or less. Larger PA can be arranged for larger gatherings.

Lighting Details

This Act doesn't have their own lighting system

Additional Charges

Fidel & Sarah Anne perform throughout Australia. Travel charges apply.


PA hire may be advisable for long-distance travel or large gatherings over 100 guests.