James & Bobo

Full Bio

James & Bobo are a duo act suited to any event. Whether as mellow background music while your attendees mingle, or to get the dance floor pumping, their set list and set up can be tailored to suit all your needs.

They have been performing together for almost two years now, each with their own unique style that complements the other wonderfully.

James' guitar-playing is full of colour and rhythmic drive, with his smooth tenor vocals and a musical style reminiscent of Sting, while Bobo's rich and thoughtful harmonies weave subtle depth into each song. (She picks up the lead vocal on occasion, too, with a voice likened to Dido and Sarah McLachlan).

They can also kick it up a notch for you by adding a big kick drum to really add that dance beat to the set, and get everyone up and out of their seats.

As a duo act, they have performed at countless events and venues, from pub gigs to weddings to private parties and all kinds of corporate events, always with rave reviews. They have performed and travelled with original music as well, and recorded in San Francisco with some of the top names at some of the top studios in the industry.

PA Details

Yamaha 800 series; 12-inch speakers. Also a 10-inch sub if required.

Lighting Details

Yes, huge lighting rig

Additional Charges

If venue is more than 2 hours drive from Sydney CBD (4 hours round trip or more), a travel fee of $50 per extra hour, per person, will be charged.

For example, if the venue is 4 hours away (8 hours round trip), the first and last two hours of travel is complementary, but the middle hours (4 total) incurs a fee of ($50 x 4) x 2 musicians, so $400 total travel allowance.


10% GST also charged.