Opus 4 - Trio

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An Adaptable Ensemble Working With You Individually to Achieve the Atmosphere You Desire
OPUS 4 presents a wide repertoire of music from baroque and classical through romantic, with a good selection of jazz and pop as required. The music we present is always chosen carefully to fit perfectly with the atmosphere you wish to create.

The group is able to produce a high energy performance which can attract attention, but is equally capable of providing the ambient background music required for an intimate dinner gathering, and of course a wide selection of music perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Pure Classical to Modern Adaptations
OPUS 4 has the highest quality musical arrangements and the best selection of music which ranges from Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Haydn, Beethoven etc. through to Gershwin, Louis Armstrong, Disney, The Beatles, U2, Beyonce, ColdPlay and so on.

We play everything from Pachelbel's 'Canon' to Billy Idol's 'White Wedding' and everything in between, so we can tailor our musical selections to your taste, and to the atmosphere you wish to create.

Perfect Ambience to High Energy
Not only do OPUS 4 have the variety of music to choose from, but we have the musical ability and the sensitivity to adjust our mode of performance according to the requirements of each event.

We can perform music of beautiful peaceful ambience softly for a small corporate dinner, high energy music for a vibrant welcoming pre-dinner celebration, or just fun popular music for a relaxed informal party.

Dedicated to Client Satisfaction
OPUS 4 has a reputation for excellence, earned over many years, which we work extremely hard to maintain.
Your event is an extremely high priority for us, and so is your satisfaction with our contribution to it.

OPUS 4 has brilliant musicians, superb service, beautiful presentation, and an exceptional repertoire of music suitable for any occasion.

OPUS 4 has a Proven, Unrivaled Track Record of Superior Performance and Service.

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