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If you have your heart set on a wedding reception band, RSVP card song requests definitely aren't the way to go. They'll make your band more expensive to hire AND make things more difficult - for you and the band.

RSVP card song requests have been around for a while now, but I'm still at a loss as to how so many non-music related wedding websites promote them as a unique and exciting way for brides to control the music played by a band or DJ at their wedding.

The truth is - gathering a list of songs first, and then trying to find a band to play those songs is going to cost you a lot more and is a backward (not to mention highly stressful) approach to finding a wedding band.

Still Don't Believe Me? Here's a couple of Reasons Why the Wedding Band Will Cost More

1. The more new songs a band has to learn, the more it will cost you. Most wedding bands are open to learning one or two new songs as part of their fee, but more than that and it'll increase to cover the rehearsal time for each member and possibly the hiring cost of a rehearsal space.

2. You may need the 4-piece band you chose to suddenly become a 6-piece just to cover that short list of songs your 5 besties desperately want to dance to (and you promised them they would!) More players means more money and more rehearsal and travel time, so your costs will certainly start to add up.

If those examples weren't enough, here's some non-financial reasons you should consider.

3. You painstakingly took time to select a theme for your beautiful celebration and even longer to bring it all together so that every element fitted the theme. Why would you ask your guests for random songs that aren't going to fit with the mood and atmosphere you'd like the music to create? Do you really want a 'mish-mash' of music styles?

4. You run the risk of unintentionally hurting someone's feelings. How will you handle guests requesting Country songs if it's your least favourite style of music? If the purpose of asking guests for suggestions was to help them feel 'included', not having their chosen song played is going to upset them - and you can almost guarantee they'll remember that it wasn't played... for a long time!

5. If you provide the wedding band with a list of songs they must adhere to, and won't allow them the freedom to perform songs they know will make your event amazing - you'll prevent them from being able to create the atmosphere you desire, especially if they must play a track they know is a definite mood killer or floor clearer!

6. No one likes to be micro-managed, especially a band. This isn't an 'ego' thing, this is a professionalism thing. Wedding bands choose specific styles of wedding music and songs for a very good reason; i.e. it's helped couples create their dream wedding. Upsetting that process is a risky choice. If in doubt, see point 5.

7. We've heard of some couples wanting to have the guests name announced before each song is played - you know, to help them feel special and remind them of the song they chose. All I ask is this: - would you prefer your entertainment to sound like a radio station with ads or a night of flawless music that you and your guests will love? Enough said.

So you see, whilst couples believe that asking guests for a song for their band to play is a great way to include their nearest and dearest, it will actually cause more problems than it's worth. Booking a wedding band needn't be the struggle some couples think it is or that some non-music wedding websites will have you believe. Throw out the song request idea and discover some fantastic talent you never knew existed.

Match your style and budget to the perfect wedding band or entertainer today and make hiring a wedding band easy.

Are you ready to cross "book a wedding entertainer" off your to-do list?

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