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The 3 biggest wedding music mistakes

And how to avoid them

Looking for a wedding entertainer can be a tiring task. But some couples make it harder on themselves than it needs to be. If you're reading this, I'm guessing that you're one of the couples that wants to make it easy. High fiving you right now!

It can be a big step to decide to include live entertainment in your wedding day. And an even bigger one trying to navigate the misinformation and 'helpful' websites, friends and forums etc.

The 3 biggest mistakes (and the ones that cause the greatest overwhelm) that we often see couples make are:
1. Not knowing what you want
2. Following non-wedding music directory timelines
3. Relying on Google, FaceBook and Instagram

1. Not Knowing What You Want

Knowing what you want before you reach out to wedding entertainers is vital to making the process easy. Don't waste time researching what the most popular wedding songs are. Or hours scrolling #weddingmusician on Instagram.
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Think about your favourite songs. The ones that make you laugh and want to jump for joy. The ones you know you'll love sharing with your family and friends. The ones that will make you cry. But most importantly, the ones you want to remember forever.

With those songs in mind, think about whether the styles and genres are too far stretched for one band, or if you're better hiring a DJ to play them all for you.

And lastly, don't let yourself get caught up in the hype of a 'must-have' act if they aren't what you want or need.

2. Non-wedding Music Directory Timelines

I wish I could burn these, I truly do. Pretty hard to burn the internet though right.
With all good intentions, there are a lot of non-music related businesses that try to guide you through a timeline to help you plan your wedding. Hopefully without the stress and overwhelm.
wedding music mistakes

But when it comes to music, they often get it wrong.

Some will suggest you need to start reaching out to entertainers 12 months out from your wedding date, which just simply isn't the best plan. In the early stages of your wedding planning, there's still too many variables that are easily changed for you to lock in an entertainer. You may still be deciding on the atmosphere that you'd like at your reception, or for some, even the venues are still uncertain.

At 12 months, focus on the venues, wedding celebrant and non-changeable suppliers and leave the musicians for around 9 months.

3. Relying on Google and Socials

It's no surprise that we (predominantly) turn to Google to help us find things. There's a tonne of options, and it's the obvious place to start for most couples when they look for wedding entertainment.

But it shouldn't be.


Because all you'll find is the acts that have their SEO in tip top shape and managed to get great rankings (who looks on the 2nd and following pages anyway).

Or they might have paid a lot in Google Ads to get to the top of page one (believe me, they can cost a small fortune for the highly competitive keywords and phrases).

And it's the same with social media. Reaching out to acts you've found or had recommended to you might all have great profiles and seem pretty good. But there's an algorithm at play that determines what you'll see. So you might just be missing out on the ones that you're really looking for.

Why are these big mistakes?

Because you're taking the long road and you have no idea if they even truly suit your needs until you've invested a tonne of time chasing them.

Take this real example. We worked with a particularly gorgeous couple that ended up having a really short time frame to organise their wedding. They'd completely forgotten about the entertainment as they initially just couldn't decide, so they put it on the backburner.

They both spent countless hours searching different phrases in Google such as "wedding ceremony musician", "musicians for weddings" "wedding bands Sydney" and so on. The partner conducted similar searches but expanded them to Facebook and Instagram.
find a wedding entertainer
Guess what results they got.


Yep. Exhaustion and a good dose of frustration.
And a list of acts that didn't suit what they wanted.

How did that happen? It happened because they only had a website or social profile and posts to go by.
They didn't know how much the act might cost. Where they were located, what their song list was like or even if they were available.
Not until they chased them for answers after spending around 30 + minutes on each listing or website.

Now 30 minutes might not seem like a long time, but when you're knee deep in wedding planning and culling a long list of acts, it all adds up. Quickly!

What are the alternatives?

Get the acts to come to you. You'd be mad not to.

We're like the Uber Eats of wedding musicians

Why go out to get your quotes when our acts will come to you (yeah, we just did that).

Makes perfect sense, right.

Plonk yourself down, put your feet up and have our entertainers send you their quotes.

And best of all.

No chasing!

So if you'd like to snack on (sorry) entertainment quotes whilst you're sitting in your PJ's relaxing on the lounge, instead of exhausting yourself hitting up Google on your phone for hours. Hit that button below and complete one simple form and we'll do the rest.

Cutlery not included <#sorrynotsorry >

Are you ready to cross "book a wedding entertainer" off your to-do list?

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