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Frequently Asked Wedding Music and Musician Questions

It can be a bit tricky trying to think of all the questions you might have when using the Music For My Wedding website or hiring a wedding musician. We've put our thinking caps on and come up with the list below, which are the things we'd like to know if we were in your shoes. If we've missed something - don't hesitate to let us know!

Whilst we can't help you decide on your song list, we can help you choose the wedding entertainer who'll be best suited to your needs, because let's face it - there's nothing quite like enjoying a great band or musician that you booked yourself!

We encourage fair pricing from all our entertainers who individually set their own fees based on a number of factors such as:
* number of musicians required
* length of time required on-site
* distance to travel to your event from their home

We ask them to provide you with their most competitive quote, and whilst the acts don't know what your exact budget is, we give them enough of an idea so that they're not over-quoting you or putting themselves at a disadvantage.

If you've received a quote and you're not too sure about it, just send us an email and we'd love to help you.

We have 1000's of wedding entertainers, bands, singers, DJ's, string ensembles, musicians and performers on this website. It's an incredible pool of talent which means you're in a pretty good position to find an act to suit your entertainment needs.

Think of our website as a marketplace of entertainers - you tell us what you need and we'll narrow down all the acts in our database to the most suitable ones and send your event to them for quoting.

Pretty simple right.

You sure can! We love events of all types and love the opportunity to present our amazing entertainers to you for any event where you need a professional band, singer, performer, ensemble or... anyone in between!

We have an incredible pool of talent who are all eager and ready to send you their very best quote to help make your event even more memorable. Just drop us a line on the contact page and let us know all the details of your event, and we'll send you through some quality entertainment options to look at.

Yes, very secure!

Not only is our entire site secured by a 'Let's Encrypt' SSL certificate which makes sure even your login details are protected, all booking fee payments are processed using PayPal, so you have the added security of their encryption services.

You can check the status of our SSL Certificate here

Not many wedding music businesses are doing this (if any), but we're not like anyone else.

We want to make sure you have complete peace of mind that you made a fantastic choice with your entertainer, and they're going to have you smiling like a Cheshire cat when you tell your family & friends about them!

However, if you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to cancel your event, or the act has cancelled on you, let us know and we'll organise a refund of the booking fee you paid us. We'd especially like to know about it so we can find you a replacement act if you need one, or if the act cancelled, we'll want to kick them up the bum!

Seriously though, if the act you booked doesn't end up playing for you, and you didn't need a replacement, we'll gladly refund your booking fee in full under the terms of our Wedding Entertainment Guarantee.

We can spot a great wedding band and musician a mile away, but to make it fair for everyone, and to give you the best chance of finding an act that YOU truly love - we don't screen our entertainers.

Think of this website as a marketplace for some of Australia's best wedding talent - bands, singers, musicians & entertainers of all descriptions and skill sets and some of the greatest vocalists you've ever heard. If you receive a quote from an act, but you're a little unsure if they'd be right for your wedding, just reach out to us and we'd love to help guide you in the right direction.

They sure are! Real reviews, by real couples based on real bookings.

No fakery here! Only couples who have booked one of our wedding entertainers are provided with the website function to leave a review on the site.
Our couples love our acts and service and you can read some of their many beautiful testimonials and reviews here.

We can't vouch for every acts Public Liability Insurance, but we can tell you that you'll be able to view the status of it in their profile; just look for the little 'tick' or 'cross' next to that section.

We love helping! Let us know via the contact page and we'll get back to you usually within a couple of hours (during business hours).

We're sad to hear you'd like to leave, hopefully you booked your wedding entertainer first?

If not, to cancel your account simply send us a note via the contact page and we'll action it right away for you. This will delete all your account information including any quotes or messages you received from wedding entertainers, so if there's something we can do to help you more effectively instead - please do let us know.

Finding your wedding entertainer to hire is easy!

Cick the Find An Entertainer link in the menu bar and fill in the form to let us know some details about the type of entertainer you're looking for.

To make sure we present you with the most suitable entertainers, we'll need information such as the style of music, the number of musicians you'd like to have perform, along with the approximate playing time you need them.

We also ask for your budget, but we never reveal this to our acts. It's just to help us filter out the entertainers that have higher pricing requirements.

Then it's simply a matter of adding your email address so the entertainers can send you quotes, and you're done!

After you've completed the form, we'll automatically send your request to our entire database of acts that match your requirements. This means that we'll be sending your requirements to some of Australia's best wedding musicians and entertainers.

If they're available on your day, you can expect to start receiving quotes within hours, as they're notified in real time.

Don't forget, booking through our website ensures you're covered by our Wedding Entertainment Guarantee.

If you get stuck or just need some help, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on the contact page.

No sorry, we don't. We're not into wasting your time by sending your quote out to wedding entertainers who don't match your needs or budget, based only upon limited criteria such as State and distance an act is willing to travel.

We prefer to provide you with a quick and stree free service that will connect you with only the wedding entertainers that are available, within your price range, and match the criteria you told us about in your quote request.

Yes you can - after you've paid the booking fee we'll provide you with their contact details.
In the interim, you can use the messaging system to ask the entertainers questions about their quote to help you decide who to book.

We have 1000's of entertainers in our database, which means you're in a pretty good position to save yourself time and stress!

The number of quotes you receive will depend upon a number of factors including: the style(s) of music you require, the location of your wedding and of course, your budget. Generally though, we send your event to a minimum of 20 acts that match the criteria you selected in the quote request form.

If for some strange reason, you still can't find an amazing entertainer from the quotes you've received, please let us know via the contact page and we'd love to source someone manually for you from within our vast network.

Only you and your partner can really decide this one. Think about how they sound, look at their promotional material and photos - do they present well? Are they offering you a good price and do you feel you'll get good value for money?

If they tick all those boxes, but you're still a little unsure, drop us a line and we'd love to help you and chat about your concerns.

Oh no! We're so sorry to hear that, hope you're ok?

If you booked your entertainer and paid the booking fee via us, please send us an email immediately so we can refund the booking fee to you under our Wedding Entertainment Guarantee.

We can also let the entertainer know for you if you like, or just select the 'Cancel' option in your dashboard and it'll notify them immediately. You'll need to chat with them about any cancellation fees, but please do let us know if you'll be rescheduling so we can help you find a replacement instead.

Our musicians will provide you with a customised quote, based upon your needs. We don't set the fees for them as there's a lot of factors that influence their costs. If you'd like more informaiton on how these might be calculated, you can read our article or submit a quote request to start receiving prices from some of Australia's best musicians.

Yes, we charge a NSW Entertainment industry standard 10% commission (booking fee) which is separate to the entertainer's performance fee and deposit, (which you'll need to chat to the entertainer about).
All our couples are covered by our Wedding Entertainment Guarantee when they complete the booking fee payment via our website. We've got you covered!

Unlike some other wedding music related business, we only charge a small (and Industry regulated) 10% booking fee / commission. The fee is calculated on the amount the entertainers quote you, and is separate from any deposits and final payments you make direct to them.

The booking fee is the first step in securing the entertainer for your event and when made via the Music For My Wedding booking process, is covered by our Wedding Entertainment Guarantee.

As a note: It's common practice within the Entertainment Industry to charge what is referred to as a Commission or Booking Fee when booking entertainers for functions. In NSW, the commission is regulated to 10%, but on occasion other entertainment businesses choose to charge more depending upon the event and / or business (or agent). Commissions are unregulated in other States and Territories of Australia.

Your internet security is super important to us, which is why we use a 'Let's Encrypt' SSL Certificate and trust your booking fee payment to PayPal's encryption services.

Processing your booking fee payment is as easy as clicking the Book button of your favourite act, which will redirect you to PayPal to complete your payment information, before securely returning to the Music For My Wedding website.

You can check the status of our SSL Certificate here

Yes, entertainer's will ask you to pay a deposit to secure them for your day. This can be made in cash during a pre-event meeting, or via your chosen payment method. The deposit and final payment are between you and the act; we don't get involved in that, but we can certainly offer advice if you're unsure.

Once you've accepted the entertainers quote, we'll send you their contact details so you can discuss your payment options with them, or you can always send them a message via the site after you've received their quote.

Completing your booking fee payment through our site ensures you're covered by the Music For My Wedding Wedding Entertainment Guarantee.

Entertainers usually prefer to have the balance of their fee paid before your wedding day, so you don't have to think about it on the day and can focus on enjoying your celebration!

Make sure you discuss all payment requirements in detail with your booked entertainer during your first contact, and make sure you're both comfortable with the terms and conditions. Whilst we sincerely hope it doesn't happen to you - also discuss any cancellation or postponement clauses with them. In the unfortunate situation this happens, let us know immediately as you'll be covered by our Wedding Entertainment Guarantee if you completed the booking in full via the website.

There are two fees using the site - one of which is optional.

Notifications You have the option to receive your event notifications via SMS, email or 'both' (email are always free).

SMS Notifications
SMS notifications are free for one month from the date of registration. At the end of your free month, you can renew your subscription for $3.50 + GST per month which can be cancelled at any time (or just change your notification option over to 'email only' notifications).

Booking Fee
Commonly known as a commission; all couples pay a 10% booking fee to book your services for their event, which is calculated on your quoted fee.
If you’re from NSW you’ll know that the current commission structure within the Entertainment Industry is a Legislated 10% and unregulated in other States and Territories.

Couples who pay the booking fee via this website are eligible for our Wedding Entertainment Guarantee, which provides them with a refund if their event doesn't go ahead or you cancel the booking. If the latter occurs, please contact us immediately so we can find them a replacement act or begin the refund process.

Please note: Any deposit that you request from the purchaser is separate from the booking fee. You'll need to personally discuss and arrange any deposit payments and final payments direct with the couples.

That's a difficult question to answer as it will depend on many factors such as your style, fees, format, song list, and location.

For example; if your act performs grunge metal with a pop twist, you might find there aren't too many couples that are seeking your unique style for their wedding or event. But… we have a number of exciting developments planned for the future which will hopefully cater to your needs so drop an email to introduce yourself.

You sure can!
We understand you can operate in different formats, and in somce cases, different genres too (you talented person!). We want to get as many quotes in front of you as we can, and setting up each of your different acts is the best way to achieve it.

We're not big on wasting people's time, so we built our system with a rather hefty and clever filtering process (if we do say) to make sure you only receive quotes to match your acts. This means that if you perform as a duo and a band, but only add your duo to your account with a note in the bio "also available in band mode", you won't receive any quote requests for the band, because the system doesn't know you have one.

You can easily add all your different acts from within your dashboard in the 'My Acts' section to the right. We don't make you create a separate account for each individual act, with a different email, just because you're super talented and perform across multiple genres or acts. And hey, if you don't have time to add everything yourself, just send us an email with all your info and promo material and we'll take care of it for you.

Viewing and keeping your act profiles up to date is easy. Just click the appropriate link under the act name in the 'My Acts' section of your dashboard. Note: the fees you add into your profile are only visible to you. Remember to keep your profile and promotional material 'contact information free' to ensure our couples remain eligible for our Wedding Entertainment Guarantee

To increase your chances of being booked for a wedding gig, make sure you have great quality information and promotional material, starting with optimising your photos. If you'd like a fresh set of eyes to look over your profile, drop us a line and we'll see if we can make some suggestions for you.

If your act(s) has received a quote request, you'll see it in your dashboard in the 'Pending Enquiries' section. If you have multiple acts in your account, make sure you're in the correct dashboard by clicking the appropriate link under the act name.

You'll find some instructions on how to quote in the right hand column of your dashboard, but if you have any problems, let us know and we'd be happy to help you out.

There's no need to send any contact details with your quote, as they're sent automatically to the couple when they book you and have paid the booking fee. We offer our couples a Wedding Entertainment Guarantee, and if they don't complete the booking via the site, it means they're no longer eligible - and we don't want that to happen!

You sure can, but only after a couple has completed payment of our booking fee.

We offer all our couples a Wedding Entertainment Guarantee which provides peace of mind with secure online booking fee payments and provides them with dispute resolution and a no questions asked booking fee refund* when they complete payment via this website.

We encourage you to provide your quote via the event dashboard and ask any questions regarding event clarification or needs via the messaging system - this ensures all our couples are covered. It is also important that you don't have any contact information in your photos, bios or promotional material; thanks for your co-operation.

*Please see our Wedding Entertainment Guarantee for further information

Firstly, check that you have added your acts and fully completed your profile; you can’t receive enquiries if you've missed any information.

If all that is correct, reconsider your minimum fee; you might be just out of the pricing range that couples are looking for.

If you’ve done all of that and you’re still not sure; drop us a request via the Contact Us page and we’ll take a look for you.

Are you ready to cross "book a wedding entertainer" off your to-do list?